Kindly Thrive is a business support organization that focuses on marketing, online advertising, web design, IT support & helping business create a good foundation to grow on. We connect with companies that want to be empowered.  Many of our clients join us because past agencies have taken advantage of their kind hearts and trusting natures, especially with non-profit organizations. This is how we are different. Our clients truly come first. We will always choose honesty when conducting business.

Teaching to Fish Strategy: One-Way we really standout is focusing on teaching instead of simply doing. Most of our clients choose us to teach them how to build and maintain their sites, run online marketing campaigns and learn tools to be more successful at running their companies. Our goal is to empower our clients and in the long run, make it so they need us very little or not at all. This is a very unconventional method but we feel it is much more effective in the long run and allows us to help even more organizations.

We offer very competitive pricing on all levels of support!

Primary Services

Online Marketing

Google Adwords/ Bing/Yahoo/Facebook Ads. We offer very competitive rates for administration.

Web Design

We use wordpress and a framework called Divi to teach and build your dream site.

IT Support

Computer support, virus repair, one on one software training, data backup and restore, and more for PC and Mac.

Graphic Design

Photoshop and Illustrator support for logo design, image optimization and more.

Additional Services

  • Web Hosting: We offer web hosting for For-profit organizations. Rates start at $65/year/site. Discounts for multiple sites. We also help organizations setup their own server if their traffic warrants it. Non-profits have a lot of great free options which we can assist in setting up too.
  • Business stragety and mentorship: We really will work hard to help our organizations grow by connecting them with other businesses and share insight to help them thrive. We are an organization that provides the tools and skills to grow exponentially. We remove limitations in thinking and business practices which can easily foster 100% or more year over year growth for a company!
  • Branding/Naming: Although this is one of the most challenging things to work on, it is also one of the most important. We have helped about 1/3 of our clients change their names to ones that are more effective with less competition. Often when names are chosen, organizations overlook their due diligence of making sure that there is no competition and the name makes sense for the long haul. We have helped companies who had names for up to a decade before, change them and see the benefits within months. 


Note on Rates: We support businesses that we feel are valuable to our planet. Our main purpose is helping organizations grow. We have partnered with companies in the past and invested our skills in exchange for shares instead of monetary compensation. We are flexible with our clients so please reach out and discuss your plans and budget so we can find something that will not overburden your organization and help you thrive.

Web Hosting

Cloud Website Backup Addon

  • If you want to be extra safe, you can upgrade your plan to include cloud site backups. These are monthly backups of your site files.

Non-Profit Web Hosting

  • Please read our web hosting resource page on how to get free web hosting. Most non-profits should not be paying for hosting.
  • If you still need paid web hosting, we are happy to help.

Note on hosting:  The prices do not include maintenance or support on your site. All work is done at your hourly rate.